Welcome to The Spears of Andred

A Viking re-enactment group in East Sussex

Welcome traveller. We are the Spears of Andred – a hardened group of Viking mercenaries whose goal is to re-enact the battles and history of the dark ages. Based in Sussex in the ancient forest of Andredswood, we recreate Viking, Saxon, Norman and Celtic battles and culture from the 8th – 11th century.
From living history encampments and craft demonstrations to skirmishes and major conflicts like the Battle of Hastings – no battle is too small. So join us for a while and relive a period of our history that has shaped modern Britain.
     Taran – Jarl of the Spears of Andred

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Events 2023

Mayhem That The Spears of Andred Will Be Adding To

TBC - Watch this space

 26th March

Society Banquet: Feasting With Fellow Vikings

15th-18th April

Society Training Weekend -Wakefield

 7th-8th May

A festival for Pagans & Witches -Warwickshire

3rd-5th June

UK Games Expo- NEC Birmingham

 25th-26th June

VikeFest-Battle of 1000 Spears-Derby

16th July

Mauling on the Malling – Lewes

 30th-31st July

Flag Fen- The Battle of Assandun- Peterborough

13th – 14th August

Fonmon Castle – Vale of Glamorgan

 27th-29th August

Hever Castle- SPEARS Event – East Sussex

27th-29th August

Whitby Abbey – too far to trouble your self with

 3rd-4th September

Michelham Priory-  East Sussex

15th -16th October

Battle Abbey- Stand With Harold  against the might of Norman cavalry and archers

Who We Are

The Spears of Andred are an official group  of the Viking Society, an organisation that specialises in re-enacting the life, times and battles of 8-11th century Britain, The Vikings are the UK’s oldest and largest Viking-age society, with branches across Britain, in Europe, the US and Canada. Visit the VikingSociety.org.uk to find out more.