Dark Age Defences

Defeating your enemy is all very well. Being alive to boast about it afterwards is even better.

The Shield

Traditionally made from lindenwood planks fastened to a central boss, the centre-held shield is essential for all warriors, no matter what their status. Several Viking battle manuevers depend on the proper use of shields, from the ubiquitous shieldwall to create a line of battle to the Boar’s Snout, designed to break one, or the Hunting Party where a longspear-armed warrior will use the cover of his colleagues to strike from range

The Maille Shirt

The hauberk is essential for all professional soldiers and wealthy Viking raiders and could turn aside the arrows and spears of the enemy. It’s expensive and a sign of status.

Helmet & Gloves

Although Vikings didn’t tend to wear gloves in combat and helmets were relatively rare upon the dark-age battlefield, we use them both for health and safety reasons. You will see a mix of coppergate-style helmets, conical helms and spectacle helms, depending upon the date of the battle.