Meet The Spears of Andred

The Jarl and his Hearth Officers

Tried Trusted and True. The Hearth Troop are the Jarl’s closest advisors and act as his personal bodyguard on the field of battle  –Click on each warrior to find out more information
Hefring The Faithless
Taran, Jarl of the Spears of Andred
Vaesel Halla Smidrdottir
Halvdan Horse Eater
Trygg Olafson
Lundi axbiter
Máni the wanderer
Godric the Fletcher
Ottar The Reeve

The Great Heathen Army

Representing the rank and file of the Jarl’s levy. These valued free warriors and camp makers vary greatly in age and experience – (even species), but Jarl Taren loves them all. Click on each member to find out more information

Ragnar the son of Ragnar
Bölverk "iron stones"
Kára Biörtmeyja
Harii Tryggvison
Sigurd Einarson
Thorgild Glitterbeard
Lucky Leif
OthRune the Untitled
Börs Dalgaard
Gulbrand Skadison
Morrigan Ottardottir
Signe Jorundottir
Het The Weaver of Hounds
Echo - 'Ball Bane'