The Great Chronicle of Andredswold

A.D 2014
On the 27th day of the 9th month, after experiencing defeat in the army that he was part of  (the Battle of Wareham in the spryng of this year),Taran, a Briton of Mercia retreated to Oxnaford with a few of his close hearth and concieved of raising a mighty new host. Later that year, at the burgh town of Hluews, the Spears of Andred were Birthed in Blood, Fire and mead. In the company of Hefring the Faithless, Vaesel Halla Smidrdottir, Ottar the Reeve and Halvdan Horse Eater, Taran was proclaimed Sturaesman. The war banner was raised and much reaving was commited against the denizens of Landeporte & Nevill as a new saga commenced.
A.D 2015
In This year, Ottar the Reeve, Vaesal Halla Smidrdottir & Halvdan Horse Eater were raised out of thralldom to earn the rank Frihall. Also in this year, a certayne Trygg Olafson the bowman came out of the Caent wild lands to join our ranks as Frihall.

In the 5th Month, the Spears of Andred did lay waste to the burgh at Corfe for the first time. many ice creams and post slaughter ales were consumed. At harvest time, we surprised and fell upon the Priory at Michelham. The monks, having grown fat and lazy on the spoils provided by the gift shoppe and onsite tea rooms proved unable to withstand our onslaught. A 7 legged goat was born to Old Leif the  carpenter. Some locals say he is accursed of the gods – others say he is from Ringmer. In the 10th month the Spears  fought with Harold Godwinson at Haestingas for the first time. We lost 1-0. Some however did turn their coats and fought alongside william of dubious parentage. They were more successful.

A.D 2016
In This year, Bölverk “iron stones” Harii Tryggvison and Bors Dalgaard were raised out of thralldom to earn the rank Frihall.
In this year Sturaesman Taren led the Andredswold folk and sacked the Priory at Hluews for the first time. We were greatly disappointed to  discover that a certain Henry of the Tudors had reaved here before us. In the 5th month, the Spears lent aid to their ally and banner kin of Ulfhrafnar to lay waste to the lands surrounding Dydda’s Cottage.In the 6th month, when the sun was high we fought with Cnut at Sceortstane in Wiltshire. Much slaughter was had. We fought again with Harold on the field of Haestingas for the 950th anniversary of 1066. Lost again!
Also in this year Dave ‘the Bow’ Smith, shield brother, founding member and friend  departed this mortal world to feast at Odin’s side in Valhalla. He will be missed and remembered fondly by all who knew him.
A.D 2017
In this year there was much feasting, Trygg Olafson earned the rank of Drengr as testament to the great number of Saxons he had sent early to their Christian god. Thorgild Glitterbeard – for tis he!, Othrune the Untitled- eldest son of Taran & Hefring, Hrafna-Floki, Ragnar the son of Ragnar, Lucky Leif, Mani the Wanderer, Lundi Axebiter and Kára Biörtmeyja were all granted the rank of Frihall. In this year our ranks were swollen by the clan hvítr who did come from Evreham somewhere west of the M25.
In the 8th month, our great heathen army lay siege to Hever Castle for the first time. The citadel was assailed from all sides, the great gates were split and all was rend asunder.
In the high summer of this year, a Spears raiding party ventured deep into dragon country to a place known as Welshpool.  Here they were besieged by the combined armies of Alfred and the perfidious Welsh. All were slain and left to rot upon the field at Buttington. A great shame, but but never mind.
to Erik the swineherd, a terrible pox was bestowed upon his scrotelings by the gods as punishment for becoming a little too…familiar with Frida his sow.
A.D 2018
In This year, Taran was annointed Jarl by King Hrothgar. Great cheering erupted from the assembled host and all present agreed it could not have have happened to a nicer chap. Ottar the Reeve and Vaesal Halla Smidrdottir earned the title Drengr. They who are joined as one, ( but not in the medical sense ) are rocks upon which the Saxon shield wall breaks. Sigurd Einarson & Het the weaver of hounds were raised out of Thralldom to gain the rank of Frihall. The Ratatosk notes that  many others also gained their freedom in this year but as yet the mead still addles and their names remain as yet unrecorded. 
In the high summer Hever Castle was again besieged by our mighty host, stormed and all its defenders put to the sword…. sigh! do these people never learn? We were greatly honoured by nobles of the High Council who, on witnessing our glory and great bravado  bestowed upon the Spears the rank of Herred.
In the 10th month a great multitude of frogs and fishes fell from the sky at the burgh of Hluews.
Some brave souls crossed the Celtic sea and did reave the 6 fingered folk of Manx.  Despite the unnatural number of digits sported by the locals, pickings were slim.
AD 2019
In this year Hefring the Faithless  was annointed by the High Kynge  Hrothgar as Jarl. Great is her work and mighty is her reputation. Bölverk “iron stones” earned the title Drengr, much talk was there of his derring and doing and his ascension did seem reasonable under the circumstances. Also in this year, young  Morrigan Ottardottir, Gulbrand Skadison and Halfdan Bowbreaker, youngest son of Taran & Hefring were raised out of Thralldom to Frihall.
A Fiery dragon was spotted in the eastern sky trailing smoke and noxious vapours. A portent of  ill tidings to come some are saying. Others mumbled darkly about a need to mayke pilgrimage to Spec Savers.
A.D 2020
A foul pestilence did sweep the land this year from the east. There was much wailiing and gnashing of teeth, but sadly no ravishing of sheep or any other livestock. Many spears  discovered the joys of growing root vegetables and knyttinge.
A.D 2021  
The foul wyndes that had afflicted our folk for so long hath finally begun to abate. And no! I speak not of that fell fruit which groweth upon the cabbyge tree.  Slowly, our life of reaving and eatiynge of cream teas gets back to normal.
A.D 2022
Well and truely hath the banners of war been unfurled this season. With the  pestilence finally abated – Much hast ben acomplished and many new deeds are ripe for the scribing….