Fighting safely with Viking weapons requires training. We meet regularly on the South Downs at Landport Bottom in Lewes, to hone our skill with spear, sword, axe and bow. Usually this is on a Sunday afternoon 1 pm ‘til dark.
If you would like to join us and learn the craft of the warrior then get in touch. The Spears of Andred are waiting for you.


For people who haven’t been before, training usually takes place on the Downs at Landport Bottom, the site of the Battle of Lewes. There is no car use of the private road that leads off the Neville Road A275, so park up on Highdown Road, opposite Caburn Crescent (the green marker) and walk 30 yards up the alley to the Down, or park in the lay-by on the A275 and walk up.
Please don’t drive up the track alongside the training field as it is a private road. It is only a few hundred meters and you will see us on the Downs. If this is your first time joining us, please let us know that you are coming, so we know to look out for you.

Training Dates 2023

Here you can see all of our upcoming training dates and the type of session we will be hosting on that day. 
If this is your first session please bring £5 for day membership (full membership costs £0.50 kids/£10 junior/£20 adult for the year
It is important that you bring fluids to drink, casual clothes and sensible footwear. A pair of sturdy gloves will also help.
You can find all future training dates Via this page, the Home page and via our new android app that you can download below. 

Sunday 8th January

General Training

Sunday 15th January

General Training

Sunday 29th January

General Training

Sunday 12th February

General Training

Saturday 25th February

Imbolc – Pagan feasting

Sunday 12th March

General Training

Sunday 19th March

General Training

Saturday 25th March

Society Grand Banquet

Weekend 7th-10th April

The future....

Society Training Weekend