Characters in the Viking age

Each member not only learns how to wield their weapons in a safe manner but also must create a persona for shows. Below you will find out a little more information on characters that our members protray. During this creation process a lot of effort goes in to historical research: location, clothes, names, birth year, profession and much more. Our members are more than happy to share their story. why not ask them! 

Hrafna-Floki The trader and warrior

Names Hrafna-Floki, Floki is fine. Half Celt half Dane, son of a wealthy trader, I took my fathers gods and my mothers superstition. With the desire to make a name for myself, I journeyed into the heart of Saxon land to fight, trade and expand, when word reached of my fathers death, I joined the fine warriors of the spears of Andred, and have stayed ever since. 
Filming work: 
English Heritage and Immediate Media, Battle of Hastings Promotional film, 2018
BBC Antiques Roadshow, Battle Abbey 2019