Characters in the Viking age

Each member not only learns how to wield their weapons in a safe manner but also must create a persona for shows. Below you will find out a little more information on characters that our members protray. During this creation process a lot of effort goes in to historical research: location, clothes, names, birth year, profession and much more. Our members are more than happy to share their story. why not ask them! 

Sigurd Einarson "Firewalker"

They called him the Firewalker, for he was a man without fear, without remorse or hesitation; without sensitive nerve endings. He would sit in the circle of warriors on a winter’s night, there he would drink heartily, eat well, sing and make his boast, and then, when all was quiet and the flames licked high into the frosty night, he stood and walked out across the embers and his shoulder companions looked on in awe. “He is the Firewalker”, they whispered and gasped. Thus Gee the Spear took his name and his stand among the warriors of the Andredswold.
Filming work: 
BBC Antiques Roadshow, Battle Abbey 2019
​Spears Promo 2019