Characters in the Viking age

Each member not only learns how to wield their weapons in a safe manner but also must create a persona for shows. Below you will find out a little more information on characters that our members protray. During this creation process a lot of effort goes in to historical research: location, clothes, names, birth year, profession and much more. Our members are more than happy to share their story. why not ask them! 

Kára Biörtmeyja (Bright Maiden)

Kára Biörtmeyja, (Bright Maiden) is Trygg’s Daughter.
Not content to stay at home and tend the farm she craves adventure. She has convinced her father to let her prove herself to be as good as her brother and is learning how to wield a sword and spear. Proficient with the bow she is a capable hunter and you would be well advised not to dismiss her lightly or you may find an arrow between your shoulder blades. 
Filming work: 
BBC Antiques Roadshow, Battle Abbey 2019