Characters in the Viking age

Each member not only learns how to wield their weapons in a safe manner but also must create a persona for shows. Below you will find out a little more information on characters that our members protray. During this creation process a lot of effort goes in to historical research: location, clothes, names, birth year, profession and much more. Our members are more than happy to share their story. why not ask them! 

Godric the Fletcher

I am Godric the Fletcher. I hail from Hwicce, and grew up in the ancient forests of Wychwood. I traveled to the South with Leofric, who is the husband of my twin sister Gwenna. We have come from the woods of Hwicce to support the Spears in peace and war.
I am happiest shooting my longbow, and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, as my aim is always true.
Filming work: 
Detectives episode filming  BBC 1994: Episode: Fur Coat and No Knickers!
Food and Drink TV show, Episode #16.1 with Ainsley Harriott, Battle Abbey 1996
BBC Antiques Roadshow, Battle Abbey 2019